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Lance Vickers United Kingdom 22/01/2015 23:11:34

Have enjoyed all of his books over many years and am about to start to read them all over again, they are so real i can visualise the characters in each story and feel their pain anguish and elation.

Phil All over the shop 22/01/2015 2:51:22

I've read them all, many times over the years. Once had the whole set of 1970s Corgi versions with the awesome cover art, which have since scattered to the four winds. About time a proper filmmaker got involved to tell these stories to a new audience. Peckinpah's 'Cross of Iron' was as good as I've ever seen (1977) Imagine how incredible Sven's gritty stories could be on film! Peace to you all.

frederic beauvillain france 21/01/2015 19:05:31

I've been reading theese books since I was 15 years old and I still read them. I always find something to think about. I'm 55 years old today. I wish I'll read them once more in 20 years. je lis ces livres depuis que j'ai 15 ans, je les lis encore aujourd'hui et je trouve toujours quelque chose qui me fait réfléchir. J'ai 55 ans et j'espère encore les lire dans 20 ans...

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