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Mike USA 13/03/2017 23:43:41

Needed something different than historical book and found these novels. I purchased all 14. I read SS General first and completed in less than a week. Very realistic. I cannot wait to start the next one!

Chris Scargill United Kingdom 03/03/2017 6:38:27

I,m steadily re reading my way through the series once again. At the time of writing I,ve just finished Assignment Gestapo. I,m slowly but surely adding them all to my Kindle library. Next up Monte Cassino. Best wishes to you all wherever you are. Chris.

Pete UK 16/02/2017 20:27:10

In the photo gallery there's two glaring errors. No 1. Sven on PIII in Donetz, Ukraine. The vehicle in the photo is a Sturmgeschütz IV. No 2. The tank labelled as a Panzer IV is actually a Panzer III.

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