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Alexandru Romania 08/05/2017 2:00:43

Hei,my name is Alexandru and i am a big fan of Sven Hassel's books,i cryed several times because he gaved me some very beautiful memoriei.if anyone have more photos with 27 th disciplinar panzer regiment,please let us know and if you can send me via email i will be very thanksful.thank for everything."let's have a song!

Stephen King Australia 29/04/2017 5:30:10

Strangly when I saw the movie , " Wheels Of Terror " none of the actors looked how I imagined the real life Characters to be , Except the actor who played Sven !!

Stephen King Australia 29/04/2017 5:24:52

Hassels books were fantastic reading !! , Love his hand to hand combat insights , Must have been an agonizing journey !!

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