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Jeff Elsom United Kingdom 11/05/2015 23:44:30

I am currently reading my sixth Sven book, and have 3 more lined up to read.His books are terrific.A very clear and powerful anti-war and anti-Nazi message, coupled with some of the most humorous writing I have ever encountered!A mix of fact and fiction that fascinates and captivates you, as well as making you think long and hard about mankind's faults and attributes.

Ryan Australia 11/05/2015 14:42:38

Came upon my first Sven Hassel book (Assignment Gestapo) at the age of 17 when I visited the Australian War Memorial, ever since then I have collected them all and have read them numerous times, it was brilliant to read from the prospective of the average German soldier Thank-you too Sven and his family for the many happy hours of reading that I have enjoyed over the years.

Bryan Nepveu United States of America 08/05/2015 23:17:40

First read "The Beast Regiment" in my late teens. "Wheels of Terror" I found in a used book store. "A shot in the Dark (Night?) is still my favorite chapter, followed by "the Legionnaire", one of the Clown Princes. There is a third book whose title escapes me but I still have all three of them, all very good reading and with lessons that far too many people ignore or forget.

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