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Jul Moons Belgium 22/04/2017 18:24:26

ik zoek nog enkele titels van Sven

Ian Thorburn United Kingdom 21/04/2017 11:19:52

I read all his books at the boarding school I attended as a child, I not only read them I learnt from them, I fought in the first gulf war with a tank group, a year later I found myself on the eastern front of slavonia fighting chetniks and the JNA on foot and mounted(T55) I can relate to the cold, hunger, fear and hysterical humour of the books, they are very real even today.

Leif Andersen Sweden/US 01/04/2017 15:27:08

I have read just about all of Sven's books ( Swedish language version) and still have them all. It's a great mix of very funny stuff as well as serious things that took place. I enjoyed reading very much. Well done Mr. Hassel and Ruhe in Frieden.

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