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Eduardo Alcantara Mexico 11/06/2016 18:47:40

Impressed very impressed with the stories of Sven Hassel. The novel about the Monte Cassino battle impressed me much.

Erika J USA 02/06/2016 3:41:45

I have a tremendous interest in WW2 history. To my delight I stumbled upon one of Sven's books: "SS General". So after reading it, I have started at the beginning and will work my way through the collection. My only regret is that I will not get a chance to meet the brilliant novelist who penned these great books.

Ohlsson Finland 31/05/2016 20:40:07

I read my first book by Sven when i was about 12, and have read them all a ridicoulus amount of time since. i love them all, for the characters, for the story, for the great amount of details. and for all the funny parts! thank you Sven for the great books, and may you rest in peace!

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