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Robert Smith New Zealand 30/04/2014 9:43:40

I'm turning 50 this year and still love to read Sven' books. I've lost count how many times I have re -read his books. Awesome story teller and history lessons from the past of people and places where incredible and horrible things took place. During his experience there are moments of calm and peace love and joy .

domink croatia 25/04/2014 21:16:41

i'm 16 years old and i've heard of hassel and his novels about 3 weeks ago.'Till than i was reading novels from Jack London, ZANE Grey and Karl May.Ilove history, especially ww2 and sven attracted me immediatlly. He is now my favourite writer.i have red "legion of the damned" and "march batallion" and i'm heading onto "monte cassino". THANK YOU AND RIP SVEN HASSEL

Richard Scotland 24/04/2014 18:53:54

I grew up in a military family and have read and re-read all Svens books. Been reading them since I was twelve. The books are brutal, tragic, comic. Tis good that Sven lived to tell us all his stories

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