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giles lewis England 23/08/2014 16:53:24

First read Sven's books when I was 13 - I'm still reading them now 30 years later. I almost want to fight on the Eastern Front - if it wasn't for all the violence... Two Russian soldiers died for every Axis soldier, I think, - it's a bit sad isn't it ?

brendan gilmartin australia 23/08/2014 6:23:09

I have an autographed copy of ss aunt used to work for the publishing company in Glasgow in the 70s and it was given to me because of my interest in the author and the books by is for sale if anyone is interested, drop me a line.

robert hillyer united kingdom 19/08/2014 22:48:23

I have read a couple of his books in the past and hope to collect. All 14 in the near future .He is my favourite author of all time.thank you.

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