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Mike USA 15/01/2016 21:43:29

I found an old copy of The Beast Regiment at a local thrift store - what a lucky find! I was highly impressed with it - Sven's writing per chapter is full of adventure and comedy though notwithstanding the shock and horror of combat. At the moment I'm wrapping up Wheels of Terror, which is even better. Indeed, I hope to read the rest of his novels. Thank you, Sven.

Gary Ayre United Kingdom 14/01/2016 10:21:21

in 1980 i was in a remand home in blyth, newcastle were i read all of his books and which helped me keep from going insane however, I had no idea then that the characters were real and fact based till today. rest in peace Sven Hassel with deep gratitude from me

Lee Davis UK 13/01/2016 19:46:25

Re-reading all these books after nearly 25 years. RIP Sven,and hoping the unfinished last novel will be published.

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