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kangabill9 Australia 25/06/2017 3:14:13

I have all 14 books and want to read them again, but I have got the order of the story between books mixed up.Regardless of the order they are listed in the covers of the books, QUESTION: What is the date/order of the story in each book so I can read them in some sequence. If some one could pop me an email I'd be grateful.

Sergiu Romania 12/06/2017 9:24:24

all of Sven's books are masterpieces. Rest in peace kamaradwn of my mind and fears, you made me be a better man... Peace!

Andy Smith UK 11/06/2017 22:14:16

U have collected all of he Sven Hassel books, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading them over and over again. Currently re reading SS General again (one of my favourites) fingers crossed the missing 15th title will one day be printed.

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