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steinar stefferud Norway 24/08/2016 23:45:11

I started to read SVEN HAZEL'S ww2 warbook's back in 1972 on Russian border. I am 71years today and I still reading them. It's best book's I have ever read.

Steve Melnick Canada 26/07/2016 5:27:36

A unique story teller.I've enjoyed his work for some 40 years. It's sad that among the many imitaters and pretenders there has yet to emerge a writer who captures the spirit and the verve of Sven Hassel. Rest in peace sir.

Gordon Potter England 19/07/2016 1:43:42

Started reading Sven's books in 1978 when I was 13. Now I am 50 & still I read them. Make me laugh make me cry, most of all it makes me realise how futile war is / how strong the human spirit. Brilliant books

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