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Claus E. Petersen Denmark 21/09/2014 22:38:41

You wrote books that had appeal to all 13 year old boys, with a moral message that didnt require a university degree to fathom. Strangely, the ones who had a degree hated you, but we loved the stories. Thanks. mvh. Claus E. Petersen

sue england 12/09/2014 15:58:40

absolutely brilliant, read when i was a teenager and rediscovered now that i am in my 50s, well worth a re-visit.

jamie England 08/09/2014 23:10:04

The best anti War books around, Funny, sad, and tragic It shows the true nature of wars, For more research and Original items may I also suggest, it has a lot of original German WWII medals and badges for sale aswell as article on the badges and why they were awarded.

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