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Andy Smith UK 11/06/2017 22:14:16

U have collected all of he Sven Hassel books, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading them over and over again. Currently re reading SS General again (one of my favourites) fingers crossed the missing 15th title will one day be printed.

robert murphy Ireland 09/06/2017 14:38:40

this is the second time i have started reading the series. Absolutely enthralling,from the first book to the last.What an insight it gives into the lives of ordinary German citizens caught up in this slaughter. Soldiers, families, innocents, all sacrificed in the name of war. The series should be part of every school curriculum to show the futility of war.

Markus Größbrittanen 01/06/2017 19:35:51

I started to read Sven`s books when I was a child.I still have them's just come to my attention that sadly sven passed away in 2012.a great shame as we will have no more of the world class books that he shared with us.he is now in Valhalla with alte kameraden.I will re-read all his books again.

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