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Ariel Colombia 11/06/2015 16:16:46

You big souls condemned by the ambition of lords of war, youll never die

Antonio Milella Italia 23/05/2015 20:15:12

Ciao Sven, hai descritto per bene il cameratismo che si instaura tra chi divide tutto sotto le armi, io ho iniziato a leggerti durante il servizio militare e mi hai fatto compagnia per tutto quell' anno insegnandomi ad apprezzare i miei fratelli d' armi, Grazie

Mihai Romania 19/05/2015 18:44:18

Thank you Sven for sharing with the future generations the atrocities that you took part at. Thank you for showing us the other side of the war... where the real people were fighting and they died for nothing... for some flawed ideas and their idiotic liders. RIP and may your next life be filled with joy and happiness.

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