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Howard Johnston United Kingdom 09/11/2015 14:43:42

I read a great many of the books as a teenager in the 1970s. I am now catching up on those I missed and have introduced them to my own teenage son (who has been studying the Russian Front at school in history). I seriously think all 14 books (and the 15th story) should be serialised - perhaps as a BBC Radio production if funding for TV or movies is not forthcoming.

Dookie Czech Republic 08/11/2015 20:35:21

I'm a big fan of literary novels like Farewell to Arms, Painted Bird. "All Quiet on the Western Front," is touted as the great German perspective war novel, but Legion of the Damned was much better. This is a book you can read at in any point in time and see value in. It's a very universal book.

stanley hatfield usa 06/11/2015 20:32:45

read my first one while in the navy in 1973.liked it so much i bought several more and loved every one of them.lost them all over time,and now i am about to retire,so i am going to buy them all again

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