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ciprian Romania 15/07/2014 12:35:41

Hello from Europe's far east Romania. I'd like to congratulate you for this initiative, i think this is the best way to keep Sven's memory alive in today's modern civil society. I deeply regret that i couldn't obtain a signed book in romanian language from Sven but i will keep him in my mind and heart forever. Ciprian.

Steven Oakley Thailand 09/07/2014 18:49:34

I read my first novel of Svens when I was 14 after my father read them, I am now 52 and after the recent loss of my father I have started reading them all again. Great Memories.

Barry Geal England 25/06/2014 8:18:44

All the books I read are first account experiances of the German Soldier on the front line, a friend recommended Sven.H books to me, have only read 5 of them so far but boy, they are awesome, shame he is no longer with us, RIP Sven Hassel

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