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graham canada 01/08/2015 4:44:29

first read these in the 60s back in England moved to Canada and packed the whole set still have them

ian paye United Kingdom 31/07/2015 9:57:30

I first started to purchase Sven's novels in the 60's and was mesmorised by his power of description and the combination of evil, violence, humour and comradeship etc. Just re-purchased them and look forward to many more enjoyable reading hours

Dave UK 30/07/2015 17:12:49

I read the books of Sven Hassel after leaving the army from being injured in Iraq 2003, I immediately related the experiences as similar to my own, only similar as Sven's were undoubtedly far worse but the common theme was of suffering, heartache, comradery and determination to survive.

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