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trevor may france 03/02/2017 21:16:09

My first book was the bloody road to death. I have read all 13 boks at least twice to the extent that most have started to fall apart. I am now in the process of re- purchasing them all again as I think they are a fantastic read with a combination of drama & humour.

Tim England 29/01/2017 13:25:24

My Father was a POW captured in France in 1945 but spent most of his war in Russia, he was also in a penal battalion and often said that he met a lot of individuals that could have been either Sven himself or Sven's characters, told me the books were very realistic and true to life at that time and in those places, great stories

John Romania 10/01/2017 14:43:30

I've just begun to read "The Commissar". Gosh, I love all of the books. Great work!

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