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@bobconnolly10 united kingdom 11/04/2016 15:03:08

i served in the british army during the seventies, stationed in germany, in munster, and used the same training grounds as sven,paderborn- sennelager. i and my colleagues felt an affinity with sven and the gang that remains with me today. i have read all his books and loved them all.

Aaron Sahipakka Finland 02/04/2016 9:03:14

I wrote and book report about SS-General :D very good series.

UncleVanya United Kingdom 29/03/2016 10:45:03

I was in the British Army during the 1960s and was stationed in West Germany for a number of years, near Krefeld. I found the Sven Hazzel book very exciting, and all the books he published were well ready by comrades in barracks.

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