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Andy B England 20/11/2016 21:27:22

I was once on a train heading back from A weeks leave in England I was on the Hook Van Holland Train heading to Osnabruck. I was reading a Sven book which it just so happened was passing along the same track I was on. I'm pretty sure the character got off the Train at Osnabruck. Can anyone tell me the name of the book please? Best wishes Andy. Currently reading Wheels of Terror.

Barry England 13/11/2016 0:42:36

When I was in my teens I was on holiday at my Uncle's flat (1974). One day because of boredom I was looking for something to read and found a book called 'Comrades of War'. It was the most thrilling book I had ever read. Over the years I went on to read all of the novels,always making me both laugh and cry. The guy's, Porta, Tiny et al get into your soul and never leave.

Jamie England 09/11/2016 21:06:22

One of the best anti war Writers of our day. Not afraid to tell it at its worst he also gives an insight into man at his best. If you want to see hat an Iron Cross or tank badge looks like, you can see them on its well worth a look

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