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kirk m United Kingdom 13/05/2016 12:17:33

Great books - managed to read them all and loved the characters - I guess the draw was that it felt like no frills, 'as it was' writing....and also conveyed the horrors of WW2 very well....

Gabriel Uguru United Kingdom 11/05/2016 18:47:40

Sven Hassel’s novels offered such a refreshing aspect of the war and are so mesmerising because the stories are raw and without any pretence at decency. He took us on an exciting journey with the men of the 5th Company 27th (Penal) Battalion as they swaggered across Europe with the ever present and dangerous T-34s nipping at their heels!

Robyn New Zealand 23/04/2016 11:44:25

I read my 1st Sven Hassel book when i was a teenager(having bought it for my brother) my dad and i read them all wonderful times...i would have to read it out aloud to my husband...great stuff...and my cat lovely cat is called Sven..

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