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paul from england england 14/04/2014 20:21:54

Read all your books many times, love the characters sad to hear of your passing . Hope to see your books made in to movies soon , here's to all those born in 1917.

Cornel Mihalache Romania 10/04/2014 21:50:33

Hello! Please replace your "to the Offical" from the headers of the webpages. I'm glade to sign in your GuestBook and I like so much your website. I'm sad to when I remember that Sven isn't anymore. I'm sorry Sven! Now you're in Walhalla.

jamie England 07/04/2014 18:15:02

Some of the best anti war propaganda books ever written, Like Blackadder these books will go down in history to shows the folly of war, and man dominating man to his injury, Sorry to hear he is now deceased, For those interested in original world war two medals and badges may I recommend also

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