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Steve Melnick Canada 26/07/2016 5:27:36

A unique story teller.I've enjoyed his work for some 40 years. It's sad that among the many imitaters and pretenders there has yet to emerge a writer who captures the spirit and the verve of Sven Hassel. Rest in peace sir.

Gordon Potter England 19/07/2016 1:43:42

Started reading Sven's books in 1978 when I was 13. Now I am 50 & still I read them. Make me laugh make me cry, most of all it makes me realise how futile war is / how strong the human spirit. Brilliant books

Gerry Cardinalli New Zealand 16/07/2016 12:17:51

Have been a fan for many years and have read all of Sven's books. Saw the Wheels of Terror movie some years ago but didnt think much of it. The books remain more descriptive.

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