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John Crossley England 30/10/2014 13:34:04

just reading the novels again since I was a teenager 35 years ago - still a great read

Tim Currie Canada 29/10/2014 0:23:46

Hi, I read a lot of Sven Hassel's books when I was a teenager, and loved them. My older brother was more of war history buff and they were his books. I just saw the movie "Fury", and thought of Hassel's books out of the blue; I hadn't even thought of them in a generation. I think I'll have to start again! Thanks for the site.

Grigore Alexandru Romania 28/10/2014 13:07:46

Hi, Could you please send me some pictures with all characters( Tiny,Porta, Heide, Sven, Old Man).All the best.

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