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Emil Romania 27/11/2014 22:15:48

I have read several books written by him. He will be missed!

John Adams United Kingdom 27/11/2014 18:58:40

Yet another fan! Got "March Battalion!" for Christmas when I was 15 in 1970. Had to take my dog for a walk on Christmas Day, in the snowy Suffolk countryside; which soon became the Russian Front! Have just bought the Cassell edition on Amazon. Maybe it will snow this year! Thanks for the website.

Joe Brown Canada 27/11/2014 0:40:35

I first met sven Hassel and his family in "Legion of The Damned" in a public library. I read "Wheels of Terror" and saw the movie, which was just not "based on a story by" but followed the novel quite faithfully. A truly great writer honorably mentioned in the same breath as Earnest Hemmingway. My goal is to read as many of Sven's stories I can get my hands on. Honor is due.

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