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Mihai Romania 19/05/2015 18:44:18

Thank you Sven for sharing with the future generations the atrocities that you took part at. Thank you for showing us the other side of the war... where the real people were fighting and they died for nothing... for some flawed ideas and their idiotic liders. RIP and may your next life be filled with joy and happiness.

Bogdan Florin Gonț Romania 16/05/2015 17:22:59

There are no words to describe the astonishment that overwhelms me. I can't believe how actual are some things about war, life and peace, even after 70 years. The "other face of the war" was revealed. You motivated me to carry on! Thank you for your fight and writings! Thank you, Sven Hassel, may God rest your soul now and may the Peace and Prosperity you have dreamt of to come to reality one day.

Jeff Elsom United Kingdom 11/05/2015 23:44:30

I am currently reading my sixth Sven book, and have 3 more lined up to read.His books are terrific.A very clear and powerful anti-war and anti-Nazi message, coupled with some of the most humorous writing I have ever encountered!A mix of fact and fiction that fascinates and captivates you, as well as making you think long and hard about mankind's faults and attributes.

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