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Karl Pitwon France 30/01/2015 13:37:28

R. I. P. Sven

Mehmet Çakar Turkey 28/01/2015 19:08:15

Thank you Sven for your novels. Rest in peace with your comrades. Me myself had been influenced deeply by your stories in childhood. I have developed a deep interest in armored warfare by your books. Also, I should mention that what makes our novels good is your criticism against totalitarian regimes. Tell my best wishes to Porta and others. I still read your books.

David Sayer Australia 28/01/2015 11:42:34

So sad to hear he has passed. I recently bought the entire reprint of all of his novels as my son's are so interested in the characters and it's a great way to show them the horrors of war for all nations without the"hollywood" gloss of the traditional idea of good vs bad

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